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Explore the best that a Croatian yachting experience has to offer with our curated travel guides.

A journey into Croatia’s culture by boat

Discover the best that Croatia’s cultural intrigue and culinary delights have to offer with a bespoke boat trip. Home to ten UNESCO world heritage sites brimming with untouched nature, enchanting architectural charm, and more than 1,000 islands sprinkled along the coastline, the Croatian cultural experience is best soaked up from the comfort of your yacht.

Your Adriatic adventure awaits

Inspiring and invigorating, the picturesque coast of Croatia is a dream destination for those craving outdoor pursuits. Home to lush forests, natural springs, hidden cliffs and secret coves, the untouched nature of the Adriatic coast is a wonderland for those seeking adventure both on and off the land.

Your Family Vacation to remember

Embark on a vacation to remember with a family yachting trip. Travelling on a yacht is a unique way to spend quality time with the people that matter the most, and can be organised easily and effortlessly.

Reset and reconnect with nature

Take a breath, slow down and allow yourself to fully immerse in Croatia's awe-inspiring coastal landscapes. A chartered yacht trip is the perfect opportunity to reset your body and mind and reconnect with nature in a secluded setting. Ride the tide and embrace the stillness and calm that comes with being surrounded by the ocean and its soothing sounds.