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Preparing your Itenerary

Travel Styles

Family Vacation


Embark on a vacation to remember with a family yachting trip.

Travelling on a yacht is a unique way to spend quality time with the people that matter the most, and can be organised easily and effortlessly.

Our crew will guide you through the process of selecting the perfect yacht for your family getaway. Whether you wish to explore the historical cities and hidden beaches or make a splash with endless water activities - design a custom schedule of daytime activities that promise fun for all the family, from the comfort of your home on the sea.

Being on the water can relax body and soul or bring adrenaline to your veins - made for small and big children.


Travelling with kids

There is never a dull moment for young children when they are surrounded by the ocean thanks to the magical sights to take in and a flurry of water activities to keep them busy. A family yachting trip in Croatia can help your children take in new cultures, explore new landscapes and stay active on the ocean with a range of games and sports.


An oceanic playground

Watch children marvel at the underwater world as they snorkel and explore together or discover the excitement of tow sessions in the dinghy. A bathing deck perfect for playing and diving and plenty of water toys also promise endless entertainment and fun for all the family. Boat trips offer plenty of space both on water and on the deck for children to explore and play, and our spacious yachts mean parents have space to relax and unwind also.

Safety is a top priority on all of our boats. Each of our yachts are fully equipped with safety gear for children on board for a safe and secure vacation.


Dinghy Tows

Enjoy a fun filled tow in our yachts dinghies, a wonderful activity for young children looking to soak up their ocean surroundings in a safe and secure way.

Water Toys

Relax on the sundeck while keeping a close eye on children as they indulge in our full range of water toys. From seabobs to snorkel equipment, hydrofoils and surfboards, our yachts and water toys are a playground in the middle of the sea for families.


Explore Croatia’s underwater world, a perfect playground where historic ruins and aquatic wildlife will leave small children enchanted. Sparkling transparent waters making snorkeling simple and easy for all the family to enjoy. Equipment can be found on board or you may also bring your own.

Explore nearby sights

Allow our yachts to escort you from sight to sight quickly and easily, saving time waiting in crowded queues and ticket offices. Venture into the local sights and visit the historic ruins for a cultural trip that will leave small children inspired.


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