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Having discovered firsthand the unrivaled freedom and restorative power that exploring the ocean has to offer, our mission is to share this deep affinity for the yachting lifestyle with fellow travelers from across the world.

Whether you’re chasing the exhilaration of living without boundaries or longing to unwind and connect closer to nature, we can help you design your extraordinary experience with ease. Our personable team has poured their passion into helping our clients design custom yacht experiences to give you the most memorable travels possible.

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Born from a desire to explore.

We are a dedicated team of passionate travelers and ocean lovers who have worked in the global yachting industry for over 15 years. Our professional experiences have spanned all aspects of the sailing business, allowing us to provide seamless, full-service luxury solutions for your yacht charter, sales and management needs in the Adriatic sea and worldwide.

Our technical expertise and a keen eye for detail combined with a relentless passion for sailing and exploration have made us pioneers in creating unforgettable experiences for our travelers. We believe in fine-tuning each journey for a trip as unique as you are.

Whether you’re planning your dream ocean charter or seeking trusted support and advice as a yacht owner, our seasoned yachting professionals are ready to help you set sail in confidence.

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