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What is yacht management?

Owning a yacht of your own can be a dream in itself, and with the right support and management, it can even become a profitable investment.


Chartering your yacht and having it run by a trusted team throughout the year is one of the most effective ways to offset the costs of yacht ownership and maximise the return on your investment.

Our charter experts are equipped with global insights that touch all aspects of yacht management and can help you design a bespoke yacht management program that will make the most of your luxury asset with ease.

Carefree ownership

Revel in the joy of being a yacht owner and let your yacht do the hard work for you! Yacht management can help you to:

  • Offset yacht ownership costs
  • Generate consistent, fully optimised returns
  • Maintain and protect your investment

Placing your yacht on the charter market will help you to earn new returns while still having access to your boat and crew, allowing you to cruise in full comfort at your convenience. Our charter professionals work closely with each yacht owner to design a booking calendar and fuss-free management plan that fits with their individual lifestyles and needs.


Protect your investment

Keep your yacht in ship shape with regular servicing and maintenance, for a safe charter and protected investment.

A successful yacht management program will not only maintain the condition and upkeep of your yacht but can also help to strengthen the reputation of your charter over time, potentially increasing its popularity and potential resale.

Our in-house services will help you to control costs, protect your investment and bask in the beauty of yacht ownership with a full spectrum of in-house services.

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Technical operations

Keep your yacht in top shape throughout the year. Our team will ensure your yacht is shipyard ready, with full preparations in place to have it optimised for charter, including transfer from the shipyard to the destination or base with full maintenance

Charter management

We fully optimise the charter potential of your yacht, for a smooth and stress-free experience. We work closely with best-in-class agencies to help guarantee quality clientele and consistent revenue for your yacht throughout the year.

Transparent communication

From crew expenses to essential maintenance measures - we communicate each cost to the owner with full transparency, ensuring sure no steps are being taken without prior confirmation. Whether you’re a first-time owner or a seasoned investor, our team is here to help implement the most efficient cost controls possible.

Insurance and permissions

Our team will take care of your yacht’s insurance and all other administrative paperwork and certifications necessary to charter your yacht.

Professional Crew

Our professional and fully trained crew provides a seamless operation, robust maintenance and personable, discreet service for a perfect charter experience. Our crew comes with XX years of expertise in the global yachting community.

Refit and changes

Keep your boat in the best condition and adjust it to your needs and lifestyle. Whether you decide to adapt your interior design, add solar panels or invest in a fast dinghy, all special requests can be catered to.

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The Morii Promise

We work closely with each owner to tailor a management program that fully meets their needs and lifestyle, for an experience that maximises the joy of yacht ownership while minimising liability.

Your benefits

  • Unrivalled local knowledge: Our strong local connections and networks provide consistent bookings from best-in-class agencies and knowledge of the local marinas, ports and administrative requirements.

  • Trusted industry professionals: Our flexible team of experts come with XX years of combined experience in yacht and charter management for impeccable and personable service.

  • Personal support: We designate a personal accountant for your yacht, who is always available for full and transparent communication.

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