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The Cultural


Uncover the hidden gems of Croatian culture by boat

Discover the best that Croatia’s cultural intrigue and culinary delights have to offer with a bespoke boat trip. Home to ten UNESCO world heritage sites brimming with untouched nature, enchanting architectural charm, and more than 1,000 islands sprinkled along the coastline, the Croatian cultural experience is best soaked up from the comfort of your yacht.

Dip in and out of secluded seaside towns and historic medieval citadels on the sea without the need to navigate long lines, ticket booths or ferry schedules. Top it all off by mooring in a hidden bay or berthing in the city harbor to dine in some of the best off-the-grid local restaurants, as tried and tested by our native skippers and food aficionados.


Your cultural (and coastal) concierge

Whether you’re keen to stroll the stone promenades of Dubrovnik, chase the Krka waterfalls, wander the local wine estates or take a bite out of the Istrian gastronomic heritage - our yachting crew can help you cruise Croatia like a true local with trusted insider tips and recommendations. Offering unrivalled access, flexibility and comfort, a cultural trip of Croatia by boat promises something for everyone.


A journey into Croatia’s culture

Historic Cities

While Dubrovnik is known to steal the show, the Croatian coast is filled with cultural wonders. Take an authentic journey into each region to explore one of the many historic cities and their ancient Roman monuments.

Wine Tastings

From ruby reds to pinot noirs, sip on some of the finest wines to emerge from Croatia’s small batch producers with a visit to the local vineyards and wine estates that are fast gaining a well-deserved global reputation.


A dream destination for food lovers, dine on local soul food in pinch-me locations accessible from the comfort of your yacht. Don’t miss a visit to local artisan olive oil producers before kicking back in traditional taverns and feasting upon seafood plucked freshly from the harbour.


Trace the footsteps of Croatia’s ancient past via its old towns fortified by medieval architecture. Think citadels perched upon on the Adriatic sea, endless terracotta rooftops, unique stoned walls and promenades hugged by bougainvilleas perfect for strolling with a gelado in hand.

Our favorite cities to explore

Hidden Bays on rocky coastlines


Roam the rugged landscapes

Combining ancient beauty and a mouth-watering gastronomic scene, the Mediterranean lifestyle has long been a lifestyle the world strived to embody. Even as the world lived under the rule of the Roman empire, it was the Adriatic in all its splendor that enjoyed the center stage.

Much more than sun and sea, the Adriatic is a vibrant playground of cultural, historical, and gastronomic delights. The Pula Arena, an ancient colosseum dating back to AD 68, stands with all four side towers entirely preserved, the only Roman amphitheater of its kind to do so. From the cultural pearl of Dubrovnik to the Dalmatian riviera, Croatia’s rich historic past and blossoming food landscape are a paradise for cultural explorers and food buffs alike.

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