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Hop aboard the extraordinary

Step aboard the extraordinary and watch a magical world unfold with a private charter personalized to your every need. Complete privacy. Unbounded freedom. Peaceful luxury. Adventure and escape.

Dive into pure nature and marvel at the hidden bays shimmering with pristine waters. Indulge in island hopping, adrenaline-pumping water sports, or simply unwind and relax, all from the comfort of your ocean getaway. A private charter offers the best of both worlds, balancing the seclusion of an ocean escape with the energy and life of the local cities and fishing towns that greet you along your route.

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A sea of possibilities

Picture all the comforts of a luxurious home, but with the freedom and flexibility to wake up in a new destination everyday.

Morii’s experienced crew will guide you in planning each aspect of your trip for a coastal adventure that fits your every need. From seasoned sailors or novices, trips with family or adventures with friends, our experienced skippers and local crew will help you plan a fuss-free cruise to remember.

Your unique experience

A custom yacht charter offers access to places that few ever get to know and all in the highest comfort. Make new choices each day while sharing unforgettable moments with the people you care about. From snorkeling and sightseeing to dining with chef-cooked meals prepared to your preferences, we can design every activity according to your individual preferences.


  1. Be inspired - explore our travel guides and selection of yachts
  2. Contact us - get in touch with our charter experts
  3. Browse our boats - select your boat and crew
  4. Choose your adventure - plan your activities and experiences
  5. Eat and drink - choose your dining options
  6. Make it personal - add your extras for a fully customised trip
  7. Map your journey - build your itinerary, adaptable to your pref
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Your dedicated Charter manager will help you build the trip you love.

Covering your favourite foods and everything you need for your ocean adventures, they will create a personal itinerary dedicated to what you love.

Options for a custom charter include:

Route planning

Make the most of your dream destination with a route to remember. Our charter route planning means you enjoy the best that each stop has to offer, including secret beaches, secluded restaurants and cultural treasures.


On board: Full board, half board or self-catering. Satisfy all appetites with our wide range of meal planning options.
On shore: Dine on shore with support from our crew who can reserve your table at local restaurants.

Yacht type

Whether sail or motor, fast or slow, deep draft or shallow, we will help you choose the best yacht for your charter. Options include:

  • Motor boat or sailing boat
  • Catamaran or monohull

Yacht selection

Kids, friends and all the family can join your private charter. Choose the size and number of cabins desired for your journey.

Obligatory extras or Essential extras (costs)

Learn more about the essentials necessary for your charter before booking. These costs will cover: fuel, meals for the crew, cleaning and maintenance, insurance and a security deposit.

Optional extras

  • Supplementary crew (Chefs, hostesses, yoga instructors, childcare)
  • Water toys (Jet skis, surfboards, snorkelling gear)
  • Mooring, harbour
  • Other activities (Entertainment


How do I find the right yacht?

From sailing experts to boating novices, our team will guide you in selecting the ideal luxury yacht and crew from our charter fleet to ensure your needs are fully met.

Our charter managers are equipped with in-depth knowledge of each of our featured yachts and are ready to customise a unique itinerary for your ocean escape. Start exploring our fleet of charter yachts below:

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Will there be a crew on board?

An experienced and personal crew is the secret to a memorable yacht charter. Our local teams and skippers provide best-in-class service to ensure that your charter is customised to your needs. Whether unpacking your suitcases or preparing an evening cocktail – your crew is on standby to make everything run effortlessly.
Discreet and professional, they will see to your specific needs, while also leaving you free to relax, explore and bask in the freedom of the sea.

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How can I plan my itinerary?

Whether you’re a seasoned yacht-charter client or simply curious to explore the many possibilities, our specialists can design a personalised charter itinerary that makes the most of your dream destination. Our yachting experts, captains and personable crew are familiar with the best anchorages, leading on and offshore activities and know where to source the best seafood and wineries to leave you feeling like a local.​ Start browsing our signature itineraries today.

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