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Explore Croatia’s underwater world


A haven for ocean lovers and marine adventurers, the Adriatic coast and its surrounding shores offer ideal conditions for snorkeling in Europe. Clean and clear waters allow for excellent aquatic visibility, in some cases, and with the right conditions, allowing for up to 100 feet of clarity.

Get to know the local sea life which counts dolphins, crustaceans, fish, octopi and starfish as residents. When you’re ready to call it a day, simply swim back to the comfort of your yacht and set your gear aside for the next expedition.

Snorkel the pristine underwater world of Croatia

Your underwater adventure awaits

Beyond the vibrant sea life, the Adriatic sea is teeming with underwater treats to discover, for those curious enough. A country soaked in history, Croatia has been part of several empires that have left more than their share of ruins and relics dotted across the shorelines. Underwater attractions include secret caves and coves, ancient ruins, secluded lagoons, and even shipwrecks and ancient artifacts!


The perfect sea breeze

Ideally situated to receive both the Northern and Southern winds, Croatia catches the ideal conditions for those seeking a range of water sports. Whether you’re keen to ride the waves with windsurfing and jet skis, or happy to take it slow with a relaxing snorkeling session, our team can provide you with real-time weather conditions, full equipment and recommendations to make the most of your water sports adventures.

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