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Preparing your Itenerary

Your Yacht Holiday Guide: Navigating Onboard Expenses


July 27, 2022

april 22'

We will ensure that you have your dream holiday, relaxed and just as

close as to perfection as possible. To make your experience as smooth as possible we have

created a list of the extra costs along the way and a guide on handling them.

When deciding on cost handling, you are welcome to choose between APA or direct

payments for on board expenses. Rest assured as the experienced crew will assist you

throughout. Aside from obvious costs such as crew, there are other costs to be aware of when

on board.


Navigating Onboard Expenses

These costs can be dealt with through APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance), which allows

the crew to make provisions on your behalf based on your pre-payment amount. APA is an

excellent way to manage spending because you do not have to be actively involved in

provisioning, but you will still receive a full provisioning list as well as receipts at the end of

the charter. Another method of handling expenses is to deal with payments directly, which

implies that you would handle each expense personally. Aside from obvious costs such as

crew, there are other costs to be aware of when on board.

Inside Your Travel Budget: Unveiling On-Board Expenses

Fuel Costs: Prepare for a smooth return to the marina by starting & ending the charter with a full fuel tank. Firstly, there is the cost of fuel, it is important to ensure that the boat has a full

fuel tank before leaving the marina, as the boat should be returned to the marina at the end of

the charter with a full tank.

Provisioning: Provisioning includes groceries, beverages, and other supplies for your

journey. The cost can vary significantly based on your preferences and the number of guests


Transit Log and Tourist Tax: The charges of transit log and tourist tax will be based on the

size of your yacht & the number of guests on board.

Docking Fees: Explore stunning marinas, ports, and quays. Docking fees might vary based

on your itinerary and weather conditions, as you may be required to stay in the marina due to

weather conditions.

National Park Tickets: Discover the wonders of national parks by boat. Be informed about

the necessary tickets and associated costs.

Damage Deposit: Yacht charters often require a refundable damage deposit, which you

will get back if there are no damages to the yacht or its equipment.

Optional Services: In case you are interested in optional services like a private chef, spa

treatments, or event planning, these would come with an additional expense.

Water Toys and Equipment: Some yachts come with a selection of water toys and

equipment, but some may require an additional charge for premium items or specific

activities like scuba diving or jet skiing.

Additional Expenses: Be prepared for miscellaneous expenses like restaurant meals onshore,

souvenirs, and entertainment outside of the yacht.

Crew Gratuity: It is customary to tip the crew, typically around 10-20% of the charter fee.

This gesture shows appreciation for their hard work and exceptional service during your trip.

Your dream yacht holiday awaits, filled with incredible moments and relaxation. With our

crew’s assistance,

you will effortlessly manage onboard expenses, leaving you free to

embrace the sun, sea, and unforgettable adventures. Choose the payment method that suits

you best, while the attentive crew takes care of your needs. Get ready for an extraordinary

journey, creating cherished memories aboard your yacht.