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Your Perfect Yacht Holiday Packing Guide for Croatia


July 27, 2022

October 2023

Your yacht holiday is just a week away, time to pack all the essentials needed for exploring stunning rocky beaches, engaging in thrilling activities, and basking in the sun while cruising on the azure waters. Staying on board a yacht is so much more fun than staying in a hotel, therefore your packing should align.

The shops in some cases won’t be easily accessible, as you will spend most of your time on dreamy islands enjoying breathtaking views. Although you are usually welcome to pay by card, most of the shops on the islands only take cash, so make sure you have some cash by hand. If you are wondering how to pack for your boat adventure, we recommend taking a soft bag or a suitcase that can be easily folded, as this will save space on board. Croatia has stunning rocky beaches & cliffs that you can climb, so having water shoes wouldn’t be a bad idea if you plan to indulge in such activities. They will not only protect your feet but also provide a better grip on slippery surfaces. Remember to bring suitable swimwear, as Croatia's crystal-clear waters are irresistible for swimming and snorkeling.

Croatia’s amazing wildlife will leave you speechless, be prepared to explore our diverse wildlife by packing repellent and an EpiPen for emergencies. While encounters with wildlife are generally safe, it's better to be prepared for any unexpected situations.

As you will be having lots of fun in the sun on your holiday, sunscreen is a holiday essential that you can never have enough of. Given the sun-drenched days on your holiday, sunscreen is an absolute must-have, as you can never have too much protection. Opt for a high-SPF sunscreen and apply it generously to shield yourself from the strong Mediterranean sun

There are a lot of fun activities that you can do while on holiday, such as horse riding, biking, kayaking…etc. therefore you should definitely bring a cap or a hat to keep your head cool. Add a personal touch to your yacht experience by bringing your country's flag or a personalized one – the crew will proudly fly it for you. Most importantly don’t forget your swimsuit, flip flops & good mood - essential for soaking up the sun and enjoying water activities! As yacht vacations can vary greatly in terms of location, duration, and activities, tailor your packing list to suit your destination and planned activities.

Your yacht vacation in Croatia promises to be an unforgettable experience filled with sun, sea, and adventure. Maximize your fun and comfort by bringing all the essential items for your sun-soaked adventures, rocky beach escapades, and thrilling activities. Don't miss the opportunity to capture breathtaking moments and create lasting memories amid Croatia's stunning landscapes. Begin your packing preparations and get ready for the vacation of a lifetime! Embrace the sun, sea, and adventure on your luxurious yacht holiday!

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